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Why Asian Americans are so into this thing called Vaping

Asian Americans have always been fascinated about smoking. It is told many years ago in their culture. Even today as you go into cities in China, you will see people smoking everywhere, even restaurants. It’s the same in almost all Asian cultures: Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and so on. As more Americans are learning about the dangers of smoking, our culture today have a found a healthier way to get their fix.

Many Americans are now getting into what they call vaping. This is something that is just becoming mainstream and hundreds of thousands of people have already put away the cigarette to use something much more electronic. This includes the Asian communities as well, as a matter of fact, it was invented in China.

The thing is, it was never popular in China. It is so populated there and tobacco being so affordable, most people just simply don’t care. However, the worlds major mixers of these products are all mostly made there. It is one of the biggest cash flows from the far east today. The important thing about vaping is that you have to find a good solution that go into these devices to get that good quality vape you find.

Nowadays, people don’t buy this flavorful liquid solution from China, but rather all made in the United States. It is much better quality, sourced from better ingredients, and even taste better. One company Magic Juice Shop, they have been around since the beginning when these products were only considered a novelty. Nowadays everyone who used to smoke now gets their hardware from China, UK, USA, and others. However, the best liquid mostly comes from the USA.

Magic Juice

It is also so mainstream that people can buy it online here: Magic Juice American made juices are considered the best in the world, so people all over the world shop online for these products to be shipped anywhere in most countries where it is accepted and people meet the required smoking age in their area.

People all over the world have also tap into the lucrative businesses they have been able to do by helping others people find a way to better themselves. They were able to help so many people get away from the dangerous side effects inhaling the combination of poisonous gases and tar from burning tobacco leaves. Nowadays, they are able to keep selling hardware and quality e liquid to help stay off the bad stuff. They are able to make a huge profit by getting these great products from Magic Juice at a discount and sell it at even better retail prices where the demand is high locally.

The business is not only good for large corporations but many small business owners which are family run are opening up at every corner and coffee stop. They are all able to have a side business that is not only providing for their families but also help other people live healthier lives and be with their loved ones longer.


How diverse cultures bring businesses and the wold together

Living in America today as an Asian American is completely different than the previous first generation population who immigrated to America. Back in those days, Asians were not as populated compared to majority mostly white. This lead to a lot of culture differences that made it hard for someone who were Asian at the time. Nowadays, it does not matter what race or nation you come from, we are all a cultural melting pot that help keep the business economy booming with innovation, creativity, and imagination.

Back then Asians were first looked down upon since they had a big language barrier since their arrival as a refuge of war.  They then raise children who were fluent English speakers, Formal American Education, and society’s culture. Their parents worked hard to help provide them with secure and warm living situations with plenty of food. They even paid for high end Universities and State Colleges so they can get a real education to become lawyers, doctors, or successful business owners.

The Asian culture was extremely hard working people who had tough times doing labor back in their homeland. Back then, to get into College, you would have to be the top 10 out of 10,000 students to be eligible for college to become a Doctor or Lawyer. Otherwise, you would have to join the military and fight for your country. With this hardship growing up, they promised themselves to help raise children to provide a much better life than back at home. America was the land of opportunity where they would have no language barrier, and have a good education. It is this very reason that you find so many successful individuals who were raised by this culture to achieve great things in all industry in health, science, arts, and businesses.

The wonderful thing about diversity is that it bring so much more together than one may perceive externally. The thing is, even though the South East culture that has brought a lot of passion to achieve, almost everyone from various ethnicity from around the world bring something special to the land of the free. They too have experienced different hardships and cultures that it brings out the very best in all of us to do well. Everyone from every cultures brings a strengths to all of our weaknesses. It is what makes us who we are together and Unite us in this great nation.

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